Sunday Circles

Sunday Circles, offered free of charge every other week, are semi-structured spaces for community reflection and connection. Facilitated by The Center’s own community, each Circle focuses on a particular topic of religious or spiritual import. Sunday Circles invite us all to come together. To learn, to experiment, and to practice. Free from doctrine and dogma, Circles are a place to dig deeply into our spiritual selves. Join us—see the calendar below for upcoming dates and details.


We host many kinds of workshops – from the Enneagram to Intuitive Eating – all designed for individual empowerment, personal development, and/or spiritual growth.  No matter the topic, our workshops are all designed to building supportive, safe, and inspiring community. You will meet like-minded colleagues and friends. You will laugh, learn, and launch yourself into new and profound spaces of clarity, growth and transformation. Register today—see the calendar below for upcoming dates and details.

A Taste of the Enneagram

Educare Unlearning Institute 3 The Pines Court, St. Louis

Join us for an introduction to The Enneagram: a powerful unlearning tool that brings increased awareness to release the nine egoic personality patterns that block fulfillment and progress in life. It can dramatically improve your relationships with family, friends, and in every arena of life.

$135 – $195

Raising An Intuitive Eater

The Center 3 The Pines Court, Suite B, St. Louis

Shannon Hayes Buescher, MS., RD., LD Registered and Licensed Intuitive Eating dietitian, Shannon Buescher, will host a talk and discussion on helping parents to build a healthy relationship with food […]


The Center 3 The Pines Court, Suite B, St. Louis

T.H.R.I.V.E. = Trust, Heal, Restore, Inspire, Value, Engage: THRIVE after divorce group for women April 2 through June 18 @ 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Facilitator, Kit Maxwell, M.ED, MA, […]

Get Tickets $40 – $420