Sunday Circle

Sunday Circles, offered free of charge every other week, are semi-structured spaces for community reflection and connection. Facilitated by The Center’s own community, each Circle focuses on a particular topic […]


The Center 3 The Pines Court, Suite B, St. Louis

Are you a woman whose heart and confidence have been wounded due to divorce? Have you questioned, “What now?” “What next?” or “Am I enough?” If so, THRIVE after divorce group may be an important support in your healing process.
THRIVE is a weekly group for women seeking to move from surviving to thriving after divorce. THRIVE after divorce provides a navigation system for change, self-discovery and empowerment.

Get Tickets $40 – $420

Discussion/Therapy Group: Exploring Relationships and Their Meaning in Our Lives

The Center 3 The Pines Court, Suite B, St. Louis

Our mission is to create a safe atmosphere of exploration and awareness of your inner relationships in order to gain a deeper understanding of how that inner world affects your relationships with others. The group will be a confidential place where members can experience new ways of relating with others. With curiosity, calmness, clarity, compassion, courage, confidence and creativity, your relationships will be transformed.

$80 – $640

A Taste of the Enneagram

Educare Unlearning Institute 3 The Pines Court, St. Louis

Join us for an introduction to The Enneagram: a powerful unlearning tool that brings increased awareness to release the nine egoic personality patterns that block fulfillment and progress in life. It can dramatically improve your relationships with family, friends, and in every arena of life.

$95 – $135