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6-week small group. Once a week for two and a half hours. $420 For experienced Therapists and Coaches who use the model with clients and seek to refresh, deepen, and hone their skills. Our two-and-a-half-hour sessions will include short lectures, pair practice, demonstrations of the model in real-time and times to do your own personal […]


IFS BASICS TWO: Second Course in IFS Series

Six-Week Small Group. Once a week for two hours. This course builds on Basics One and allows you to practice the model with others in a safe, dynamic space. For Therapists and Coaches who understand and use the IFS model in their own lives and are ready to build skill and confidence in bringing it […]


IFS BASICS ONE – Online via Zoom

Six-Week Small Group. Once a week for two hours. Via Zoom. Learn the building blocks of IFS from the ground up with other therapists and coaches who want to understand the model better and use it in professional settings. For Therapists and Coaches with some familiarity with the IFS model, but who are not trained, […]