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Food and Quarantine: A Healing Course to Bring Peace to Your Food And Body Relationship

August 28, 2020 @ 9:00 am 10:30 am

How did things go for you during quarantine? Many people reported using food to fill a lot of spaces in their life and day. It was pleasure, fun, something to look forward to, something to fill the time, to escape or numb. If you have ever struggled with food issues in the past, you probably found yourself reverting to these old behaviors. Or maybe new behaviors arose for you. So now what? You may be met with a strong desire to change your body. To go on a diet and lose the “Quarantine-19!” If you have ever dieted before, you know that the weight loss isn’t long-lasting and that you find yourself back on the diet train again and again. 

What if you could walk away from your time in quarantine with a deeper understanding of your food relationship? What if you could bring compassion and curiosity to the parts that needed the food to soothe you emotionally? What if instead of pursuing weight loss, you seek growth and healing?

Starting August 29th, from 9 am- 1030 am,  Intuitive Eating Dietitian, Shannon Hayes Buescher, MS, RDN, LD will lead a 12-week online group helping you to make peace with food and your body. Through group work, videos, and using the Intuitive Eating Workbook, Shannon will offer a safe space for you to process the food behaviors that came up for you over these past several months. In addition, this group will help you heal from the damage of diet culture and discover your blocks and barriers that stand in the way of listening and honoring your body. In the 12 weeks, you will learn how to connect into hunger and fullness cues, discover permission and satiation with forbidden foods, the hunger behind emotional eating, learning to move your body for pleasure versus punishment, and so much more.

Cost is:

$50/session or one-time payment of $550 (a $50 savings)

$50 per week