Covid-19 Updates

Covid Updates – Spring 2022 Update

As we emerge from the latest Omicron variant we are happy to announce that masks are no longer required at the center. if you prefer a mask please work virtually with your provider. We hope to have workshops in full swing by the Summer.

Fall/Winter COVID Policies

From mid-November, 2020, continuing through the Winter or until further notice, Telehealth sessions are running normally. In-person meetings are on hold except occasional sessions for a special reason. Determinations are made on a case-by-case basis between individual practitioners and their clients. Please be assured we are diligent about cleaning all common surfaces twice a day. The Center will continue to be professionally cleaned on our regular schedule.
In-person protocols (Revised November 2020)

  • Stay in your car and text your therapist when you arrive. She will welcome you in through our main door.
  • Exit through the secondary door. This keeps traffic flowing in one direction. 
  • Masks are required in all common spaces.
  • Water will be available. Please bring your own cup or bottle.
  • The main bathroom is available for clients.

Notes on reopening The Center

Through Summer 2020, we continue to offer regular Telehealth sessions for all clients. Those who wish to be seen in-person at The Center may come on a case by case basis. Contact your therapist about scheduling your next appointment.

Here are our in-person protocols(Established June 2020. In place until further notice)

  • Please stay home if you have been traveling within the past 14 days, have come in contact with a person suspected of having the COVID virus, feel ill yourself, or are running a temperature.
  • Please bring your own water or drink with you. No coffee tea or water will be available at The Center. 
  • We will not be using the waiting room.  Please text your therapist when you arrive. She will welcome you in through our main door. We ask you to exit though the secondary door near the workshop space. This keeps traffic flowing in one direction and makes it less likely you will meet anyone on your way in or out. 
  • While we don’t anticipate the need for a mask since your therapist will remain at a safe distance from you and you will not likely interact with other clients, please wear a mask if you wish.
  • We are staggering appointment times so that have no more than three therapists are in the building at a time. One bathroom is designated for clients, the other for our staff.
  • Please be assured we are diligent about cleaning bathrooms and all common surfaces after each use. The Center will continue to be professionally cleaned on our regular schedule.

COVID-19 Update (3/16)

Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and because we want to slow the contagion, here are our plans for the following weeks:


All groups, workshops, and events will be canceled for the next four weeks, or until further notice.

Therapy and Coaching Sessions

Individual sessions are being held virtually at the discretion of each provider. If you are a current client, expect to hear from your counselor soon (if not already) about scheduling sessions. If you are a new client, we encourage you to contact us after April 1st to seek support from our staff.


We highly recommend you abide by all instructions for personal safety and hygiene recommended by the CDC.  If you are elderly or immunocompromised, please take all precautions necessary for your own health and safety.  Those guidelines are available here:

We plan to adhere to the precautions suggested regarding personal contact and public spaces this weekend and in the weeks to come.