At The Center, we believe in you—in helping you feel seen, witnessed, and understood. Without an agenda. Without judgment. With unconditional love.

The Center is a collaborative open space designed for you. Free of doctrine and dogma, it’s a place where you can find your own unique spiritual path or deepen into a path you love. It’s a place where you will get support for deep therapeutic healing of mental and emotional baggage. It’s a place to meet others on similar paths, engage in a supportive community, and gain tools to ease suffering in order to become a force for good in a needy world.

What We Believe . . .

Our planet is on the cusp of powerful necessary evolutionary change. Human beings will shape this change for good or ill. 

Responsible planetary change will come from individuals who are Self-led, compassionate, and wise.
If you aren’t internally healthy you can’t help the world.
A combination of inner therapeutic work and committed spiritual practice are the tools needed to cultivate internal health and wise Self Leadership.
You can be spiritually and emotionally healthy, no matter what your outward circumstances look or feel like because you were born intact – with a unique and beautiful essence, unstained by the human condition. Your role is to step more fully into who you already are and who you are meant to be.

When you are Self-led, compassion and wisdom naturally emerge from within. Thus you can interact internally, communally, and globally for the good of all.

What We Offer

Through therapy at The Center, you can heal the past with evidence-based methods supported by a licensed therapist. Some people call this field “anthropology of the soul” because paying attention to the emotional residue of the past helps us to understand and change patterns in the present. Therapy is a clinical practice licensed and regulated by State Law. Fees are reimbursable through indivdiaul health insurance plans. Speak to a therapist at the Center for details.

If you seek companionship, guidance and mentoring about a current life issue or if you are looking for clearer direction about  the future then coaching at The Center is for you. “Coaching” has become a catch-all term for any personal development service offered by anyone with a mind to provide it. Some coaches have certifications and trainings, but as of now, no State regulation or licensure exists. Coaching at The Center is trustworthy, specific and credentialed.

We offer consultation for individuals, couples, families, and organizations. If you or a loved one is facing a time of confusion or turmoil, we can help you understand the issues and offer a wide array of resources to help. We also offer consulting packages for larger groups and organizations. Churches, schools, colleges, and businesses have benefited from our training, clarifying skills and group facilitation methods. Contact us to discuss options.

The Center offers several events each month. Look for Sunday Circles twice a month, free of charge and open to all. Explore our workshops and classes. The Center also rents out its beautiful working space for lectures, yoga classes and programs offered by colleagues and friends.

If you are looking to rent workshop space please contact us.