Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and because we want to slow the contagion, here are our plans for the following weeks:


All groups, workshops, and events will be canceled for the next four weeks, or until further notice.

Therapy and Coaching Sessions

Individual sessions are being held virtually at the discretion of each provider. If you are a current client, expect to hear from your counselor soon (if not already) about scheduling sessions. If you are a new client, we encourage you to contact us after April 1st to seek support from our staff.


We highly recommend you abide by all instructions for personal safety and hygiene recommended by the CDC.  If you are elderly or immunocompromised, please take all precautions necessary for your own health and safety.  Those guidelines are available here:



We plan to adhere to the precautions suggested regarding personal contact and public spaces this weekend and in the weeks to come.